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My Nationality Campaign documents violations against women during Covid-19


Jointly with the Collective for Research & Training on Development (CRTDA), and in partnership with Friedrich Ebert Foundation, My Nationality is a Right for Me and My Family Campaign, launched last week a short documentary “25 Stop Covid-19 Discrimination” The film highlights violations against Lebanese women married to non-Lebanese and their families during the Corona pandemic one year after the first covid-19 case was detected. Based on the title, the film draws an association between the Nationality Law dated 1925 which bluntly deprives Lebanese women from passing their nationality to their family members and the pandemic, to state that the said law is yet more deadly than the coronavirus as it denies these women their basic rights by depriving them of a nationality joined at the hip with the concept of citizenship. The documentary also monitors and exposes by facts and video testimonies the life of Lebanese women and their families under the decisions and measures taken by the government during and after the frequent lockdowns, including their forced stay outside the country and denying them aid and other rights. Noting, that the Lebanese state has completely snubbed Lebanese women and their families in all the measures it took to this effect. My Nationality Campaign demanded the government to address the rights of women from the perspective of justice and equality, away from thin arguments as echoed by the male-controlled system. It called for an amendment of the current Nationality Law in accordance with international conventions and the lifting of all reservations on the CEDAW agreement. The Campaign pressed for an equal treatment of Lebanese women married to non-Lebanese on par with other Lebanese citizens in all the public procedures, decisions and actions to the end of abolishing all forms of prejudices against women.

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