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My Nationality Campaign reaction to MP Ezzedeen law proposal


The coordinator of My Nationality is A Right for Me and My Children Campaign, Karima Shebbo said the Campaign’s request is very plain and simple, equality in rights between men and women. Shebbo was responding to the draft bill submitted on Tuesday by the head of the Parliamentary Committee on Women and Child, MP Inaya Ezzedeen, allowing the children of a Lebanese mother from a non-Lebanese father to benefit from social and civic rights, with exception of political ones (c.f: “We do not want to manipulate the law. Simply we want to amend the Lebanese legislation set during the French Mandate, to play fair to Lebanese women,” she maintained. Shebbo considered that any relevant initiatives cannot be discussed on the same table with the Nationality Law, pointing out that Ezzedeen’s proposal came as a result of the deprivation suffered by children of Lebanese mothers from non-Lebanese fathers. The ideal solution should treat the problem from its roots, consequently, any injustices against these children will be removed, Shebbo explained. “We don’t want suppressants… This is our right in a full effective citizenship,” she said. When the Campaign met Ezzedeen last August and agreed to a joint work plan, there was hope, she recalled. All the unfounded concerns and fears are purely political, as no naturalization decree excludes a specific sect, and neither the wife of the Lebanese is asked about her religion, Shebbo stated. The approaches based on a political confessional principle cannot be but racist and debasing. The Lebanese woman is treated as a subordinate rather than a free entity, Shebbo concluded. (My Nationality FB page, April 10, 2019)

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