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"My Nationality" releases "Outdated Law”, demands its reform 


On the occasion of the International Human Rights Day which falls on December 10, and in collaboration with the Collective for Research & Training on Development (CRTDA) and Friedrich Ebert Foundation, My Nationality is a Right for Me and My Family Campaign launched an outstanding animation work entitled “An outdated law”. The film addresses the journeys of families of Lebanese women, in a proactive vision, from birth until reclaiming their most basic right to work and enjoy sports and other hobbies that they are banned to practice owing to an obsolete, discriminatory nationality law that nurtures and endorses discrimination between men and women, and between fathers and mothers. The film, according to My Nationality Campaign, reviews in a minimalist style a series of bill proposals submitted recently to the Legislature and the Cabinet that are inadequate with regard to the conditions of justice and equality, in a parallel approach to My Nationality Campaign amendment proposal requesting full gender equality. The Campaign also called for humanizing various prejudiced laws, specifically the degrading and partial Nationality Law that discriminates against women and their families, by lifting discrimination and enforcing the principle of effective and full citizenship for all citizens, as well as eliminating all forms of violations committed by virtue of an outdated backward law. What is required today, the Campaign noted, is standardizing or tuning the national laws with the international conventions and agreements signed by Lebanon, notably the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. “Enough exploitations and injustices against the rights of the people! The government is duty-bound to amend the current nationality law without arguments or manipulation to the end of realizing state citizenship and law poles apart from favoritism and political nepotism,” My Nationality Campaign statement concluded. (To view the film, kindly refer to the link below: (NNA, December 17, 2020)

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