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Nabatiyeh prosecutor indicts mother of the crime of kidnapping son


Al Akhbar newspaper highlighted today the indictment in January by the Nabatiyeh Prosecution headed by Judge Abbas Ji7ha, of Zainab Sayegh for the crime of kidnapping her 5-year-old boy. Sayegh lawyer, Najeeb Farhat, told the newspaper that this is the first time a mother is charged with kidnapping her own son, pointing out that the public prosecutor’s ruling reversed the jurisprudence of the Court of Cassation which clearly exempts the mother or father from above charge. He clarified that the prosecution against Sayegh was based on a lawsuit filed by her husband charging her of kidnapping their son after she retained custody of her child refusing to hand him over to his father. This, the prosecution alleged, violates the Jaafari Court’s decision which ruled that Sayegh has the right to see her child for 24 hours per week only, while noting that the investigative judge in Nabatiyeh will look into the case on March 28. Farhat also pointed out that the mother faces the danger of arrest any time unless the public prosecutor advises the investigative judge to halt the prosecution. He noted that in the formal defenses he submitted, he requested suspension of the kidnapping claim as the custody issue is still in dispute at the Jaafari Court. In turn, Sayeth said she conceded under pressure and threat to the decision of the Jaafari Court, but that she could not bear it any longer and was suffering, and hence decided to appeal. For more, kindly visit the link below: (Al Akhbar, March 9, 2019)

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