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Nadia Sheikh first woman dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, AUB


The President of the American University of Beirut AUB, Dr. Fadlo Khury, announced in a statement issued yesterday the appointment of Dr. Nadia Sheikh as the first woman for the position of dean of the 150-year-old School of Arts and Sciences to succeed Dr. Patrick McGriffi.  The statement described Dr. Cheikh as prestigious in the world of History and Near Eastern Studies and a well-known researcher in the Abbasid and Byzantine eras and a staunch supporter of gender equality issues. Sheikh is presently the Assistant for the Academic Affairs Acting Deputy Director at the AUB. Sheikh received her BA in History and Archeology in 1985 from AUB before pursuing her studies at Harvard University in the United States and returning in 1992 to the AUB with a doctorate in History and Near Eastern Studies. She also served as Director of the Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies and head of the Department of History and Archaeology in 2013. She became full professor in 2006.
Al Mustaqbal, June 2, 2016


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