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Nassib Crossing unconditionally accessible to Lebanese good from Syrian side


Al Diyar newspaper today spotlighted the reopening of the Nassib Crossing on the Syrian-Jordanian borders with Lebanon which is expected to save large amounts of money on Lebanese importers and provide jobs to scores of truck drivers who were forced to stop work. On the other hand, Al Diyar pointed to the continued closure by Americans of the Tanf and Bukamal outposts between Syrian and Iraq. Citing visitors to Damascus, the newspaper wrote that the reopening, despite the denunciation by some Lebanese officials, mainly the Future Movement and its chief, of the Sryian government, happened based on two key principles. The first, is the approach made by President Michel Aoun to his Syrian counterpart, Bashar Assad, alluding to a question raised by Lebanon on the cost or requisites for restoring the transit movement, and to which Assad replied, nothing. The second principle, the newspaper argued, is that the Nassib and other crossings are regulated by certain inter-state controls and agreements, therefore, the actual use of these border points between Syria and Arab countries, and achieving an all-out return of refugees and reconstruction of Syria are separate issues. On the Jordanian part, the government enforced restrictions on the transit movement of goods (the crossing will be open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm), which increases vehicular queueing in the next couple of weeks and slows down the transactions by exporters in timely manner. On the subject, LIA vice president, Ziad Bekdash, explained that the export activity through Nassib crossing remains the cheapest and fastest compared to the maritime bridge, demanding a reconsideration of the increase of transit fees imposed by Syria. (c.f: (Al Diyar, October 20, 22, 2018)

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