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Nathalie Khoueiry wins Shoman Award for Arab researchers


Dr. Nathalie Khoueiry Zgheib from the AUB Faculty of Medicine received the prestigious Abdul Hameed Arab Researchers Award in the Medical and Health Sciences Category (Pharmacogenetics). Khoueiry, an associate professor of pharmacology and toxicology, was selected from about 460 outstanding nominees for the above award. She is a distinguished pharmacogeneticist known for her pioneer work on pharmacogenetics (a study of how people respond differently to the drug therapy according to their genetic makeup or genes), in addition to pharmacoepigenetics. Her name also appeared in more than 80 research studies published in academic journals. Noting, that Abdul Hameed Shoman Award is granted every year since 38 years for men and women scientific researchers in six main fields: medical and health sciences; engineering sciences; basic sciences; literature and humanitarian, social and educational sciences, agriculture and technology and economic and administration sciences. (An Nahar, October 14, 2020)

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