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A national campaign to promote the Lebanese industry


The prime minister Saad Hariri launched yesterday the ‘nationwide campaign to support the Lebanese industry’ organized by the industry ministry in cooperation with the Lebanese Industrialists Association (LIA). The campaign embraced a 50-second promotional film highlighting the importance of the Lebanese industry and the interaction of the Lebanese youth with it. The campaign also includes, organizing educational dialogues and media campaign promoting national production and industry, specialized exhibitions that will visit a number of regions in the country, and endorsing Lebanese industrial producers participating in international shows. During the event, Hariri said the next stage in the campaign will focus on stimulating productive sectors. “We have more than 5 thousand factories in Lebanon, and we could increase the number, produce, manufacture and secure our domestic needs as well as export the surplus,” Hairiri stated. We can also create over 50,000 new jobs in the industry in the next five years. For his part, industry minister, Wael Abu Faour, said that according to McKinsey report, some 195,000 Lebanese are employed in the sector, meaning that 195,000 households depend in their living on industry. He pointed out that 1% growth in industry generates around 1500 jobs, according to UNIDO. (An Nahar, Al Diyar, August 1, 2019)

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