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National Campaign for Women's Quota mobilizes to achieve a 30% quota for women in elections || Newspapers (Arabic)


The "National Campaign for Women's Quota" held a press conference to launch its mobilisation plan to secure a minimum and transitory women's quota of 30% in the next legislative lections.
Former Minister Mona Ofeiche spoke on behalf of the Campaign and called on "all Lebanese women and men to join forces and agree on a unified position regarding this matter and take part in demonstrations and sit-ins as well as various awareness raising activities in all parts of Lebanon. She also called on women and civil organisations to strengthen their contacts with UN organisations for this matter and as a last resort use the white vote in case the 30% quota is not adopted. Ofeich indicated that the "women's quota seeks to realize equality as stipulated by clauses 7 and 9 of the constitution", and concluded by noting that "political participation is both a right and an obligation and we are already very late".  She addressed Lebanese women calling on them to "be mindful of their rights, to close ranks and support other women in their struggle for equality in political participation"
Source: Anahar,  Almoustakbal

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