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National Order of the Cedar bestowed to May Arida


On behalf of President Michel Aoun, the minister of culture Ghattas Khury bestowed the honorary president of the Baalbaq International Festivals, late May Arida, the National Order of the Cedar with the highest rank of officer in recognition of her efforts to build Lebanon’s glory and foster art in the country. The award was handed during the memorial services at St Nicolas Church in Ahsrafieh in the presence of a crowd of dignitaries. Khury on the occasion, pointed out that May Arida not only ricocheted success and brilliance, but she was the woman who contributed to the making of the image of the homeland. For his part, Metropolitan bishop of the Greek Orthodox Church, Elias Audi, said May Arida was a pioneer woman in the world of culture and art and signified a bright era in Lebanon’s history. Similarly, Walid Jumblat, the head of the Democratic Gathering Bloc, tweeted: “With the passing away of May Arida, one of the main founding pillars of Baalbaq falls…”. (Al Mustaqbal, Al Diyar, May 17, 2018)

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