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Nationality Campaign criticizes the nationality clause in ministerial statement


At long last, the ministerial statement draft leaked on Sunday (, included flawed provisions on women rights, notably a clause about Lebanese women right to nationality stipulating the following: "Recognition, in principle, of the right of the Lebanese mother to grant nationality to her children, while at the same time, creating judicial mechanisms that weigh the country's exceptional conditions." In the first reaction to the above draft, My Nationality is a Right for Me and My Children Campaign criticized the subject clause analyzing every phrase it embraced, noting that it has been formulated tortuously and has been laden with intimidation and extortion. The Campaign questioned the meaning of ‘initial recognition’ after so many years of struggle by women to this end, and disagreed with the fact that the husband be excluded from this right while restricting it to children! It also questioned the so-termed ‘judiciary control mechanism’, arguing that discriminatory laws require the intervention of the judiciary to be amended or re-legislated and not the rights of women and mothers. My Nationality Campaign slated the phrase ‘the country’s exceptional conditions’ in association with the old argument of the ‘unique status’ of Lebanon that has prevented the amendment of the nationality bill under the pretext that the time was not now to pass the law. In conclusion, the Campaign demanded a brisk and final ratification of this right through a fair, unprejudiced and inclusive law within a procedural system that encourages implementation rather than rejection or tolerability. Recalling, that the provision on women’s rights contained in the ministerial draft, namely in its first clause on reforms, has requested the stepping up of laws that protect women and maintain their rights, namely those involving domestic violence, representation quota and the nationality law as mentioned above. It further stressed the need to implement a cabinet decision related to the UN Resolution 1325 on women, peace and security, as well the launch of a legal workshop aimed to upgrade laws to the effect of ensuring basic freedoms and human rights, achieving gender equality and protecting marginalized groups. For more, kindly refer to the link below:

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