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NCLW meeting to promote women’s role in Akkar and in Lebanon || Newspapers (Arabic)


NCLW organized, in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs and the UNFPA, a meeting at the Greek Orthodox School in Akkar to promote cultural, community and public awareness on women’s role.  The meeting was attended by representatives of political parties and groups as well as NGOs.
In his address to participants, the head of the social affairs department in Akkar, George Ayda noted that “all are aware that women in Lebanon are in a non-enviable position and all are calling for slogans to support women’s public role and their enjoyment of their rights yet, these slogans have yet to be implemented”.  Ayda added that it is specifically this situation that has prompted the National Commission for Lebanese Women (NCLW) to develop the National Strategy for Women.  The purpose of this meeting was therefore to operationalise the strategy.
Dalia al Lakkis, a consultant with the NCLW, then presented the elements and components of the National Strategy which is based on the Lebanese constitution and which recognizes equality amongst women and men in rights, responsibilities and basic freedom for all citizens.  She emphasized that the Constitution also reiterates the commitment of Lebanon vis-à-vis the United Nations conventions as well as the International Human Rights Charter adding that the Lebanese state has in fact committed itself to upholding all these international standards in all fields with no exception.
Source: Al Moustakbal, 4 October 2012

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