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Nearly 135,000 young Lebanese yearly emigrate to the West


Al Diyar newspaper today shed light today on the shocking rate of brain drain among the Lebanese youth every year. Around 10,720 visas to the US and other Western countries were issued for young Lebanese men and women during December 2017 only, the newspaper reported, bringing the annual count of Lebanon’s university graduates, specialists and jobless migrating from the country to some 135,000 persons. The main destined countries are the USA, Canada, France, Sweden and Norway. Al Diyar cited a survey by the US and European embassies in Lebanon anticipating the issuance of about 220 thousand travel and immigration visas to the above countries. The report noted that the Canadian government alone has approved a total of 600,000 visas to Lebanese applicants should they decide to emigrate to the North American country irrespective of their age or religious sect. (Al Diyar, January 5, 2018)

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