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New criticisms to IDAL maritime export bridge after Nassib reopening


Al Akhbar newspaper featured in its issue of October 27, the maritime export bridge launched by IDAL, September 2015, five months after the closure of Nassib Crossing, describing it as an unviable alternative to the land exportation. The bridge, the newspaper wrote, has become a ‘private taxi’ for the government imposing its conditions on exporters over the past three years but has not succeeded in restoring the export activity prior to 2015. On the subject, one owner of an agricultural export refrigerated truck, Mohamad Araji, said the reopening of Nassib crossing on the Jordanian-Syrian borders relieved him from dependence on the operators of the maritime bridge to approve loading his trailers anchored in Jordan for over a year now to return them to Lebanon. Araji told Al Akhbar reporter that he had to pay transit parking tariffs for the Jordanian authorities for each day on the Kingdom’s territory. He revealed that, in addition to the land transport fees, he paid the shipping agency the freight of his trucks by sea to the Port of Aqaba. The agency, he said, received from IDAL around USD 3,000 for each truck as a subsidy from the Lebanese government, adding that if his trucks had returned, it would have received an additional USD 3,000. What Araji and other Lebanese truck owners faced in Jordan, Al Akhbar wrote, was repeated at the Saudi Port of Dabba which has become a leading maritime export destination. Citing Omar Ali, chief of the Owners of Refrigerated Trucks in Lebanon, Al Akhbar said the export activity was restricted to two shipping containers whose owners have close ties with the Future Movement. They are suited for the transport of livestock and not for agricultural goods! The maritime export program, Ali added, has turned into an agency for robbing exporters and owners of containers by controlling prices and transport dates, pointing to the complete absence of IDAL and the Directorate of Sea Transportation at the ministry of public in this respect. More on the subject on the following link: : (Al Akhbar, October 27, 2018)

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