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New farmer markets in Shuf towns of Barook, Freidis


Under the slogan, “Authentic Shuf”, the sustainable agriculture market was opened in the towns of Barook and Freidis in cooperation with the local municipalities, the Shuf Biosphere Reserve and the agricultural coops in the two towns. This initiative is one of four in the area to open consecutively until July 24, and theshe include, “Khayrat Batloon”, “Khayrat Bater” and “Ghalat Baakline”. On the occasion, Barook mayor, Elie Nakhleh, underlined the importance of this project which benefits a large part of the community that mostly relies on farming. Nakhleh said similar projects are urgently needed to galvanize the agricultural sector and help those interested. For his part, the head of the Shuf Cedar Reserve, CharleS Njeim, pointed out that the market comes within the framework of activities launched by the Reserve throughout the year with the aim to sustain the steadfastness of rural people and encourage them to stay in their land. Currently, the market is a contribution by the Reserve to help farmers market their produce in this grim economic situation. Likewise, the director of the Reserve, Nizar Hani, stressed the significance of sustainable agriculture based largely on locally grown crops that do not necessarily require a lot of water or use toxic pesticides. The Reserve, he stated, is working with the local municipalities, agricultural cooperatives and women associations to generate agro-ecological agriculture and market local production. (Al Diyar, July 14, 2020)

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