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Nine of ten companies in Lebanon are SMEs


In its feature on small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Lebanon, Al Akhbar published a set of figures and indicators on numbers of SMEs, areas of activity and geographical distribution. According to the above figures, there are some 225,000 micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, while nine out of ten companies in Lebanon are small and medium-sized, Al Akhbar wrote.The distribution of these SMEs in relation to the sectors they engage in is as follows: wholesale and retail commerce and trade (56.8%); real estate (14.1%); industry (11%); construction (48%); transport and communications (3.9%); hospitality, hotels and restaurants (3.7%); financial intermediaries (2.3%); social services (1.7%) and other services (1.6%). In terms of provincial distribution, figures indicated the following: Mount Lebanon (48.6%); Greater Beirut district (31%); the North (7.7%); Beqaa (5.4%); the South (5.4%) and Nabatieh and Jabal Amel (1.8%). In its report, Al Akhbar also drew attention to the main deterrent to applying for a bank loan during the past fiscal year. Figures have shown that in developing countries, business owners complain about discouraging high interest rates, the many requirements for the loan eligibility and the complex application procedures. In developed countries, however, complaints remain but not as great as in less-developed countries. For more info on the figures and indicators on SMEs, kindly visit the following link: :،،، (Al Akhbar, November 9, 2017)

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