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Niqaab now banned within Cairo University


Cairo University enforced the ban on wearing the full veil or niqab on its campus. The decision ensues a ruling by the highest judiciary authority, the Supreme Administrative Court, upholding the right of the university president to prohibit the niqab. The Court has earlier supported the directive issued by the former university president, Jaber Nassar, banning the niqab inside lecture halls and labs. The university administration has hence notified all its affiliated schools and institutes to immediately start implementing the decision, including the female faculty, straightforwardly asking them to either give up the niqaab or request a leave. The above decision was based on the executive law regulating university life, which binds faculty members to comply with its traditions, in addition to propping direct interaction among students, thus forbidding any instructor or professor to build a wall between him/her and his students. According to a report submitted to the president’s office, a problem might arise in one of the sections of the medical school, with some 20 niqaabi female professors, which could lead to a shortage in instructors should they all take a leave based on the ban decision. Recalling, that the Egyptian capital has made an unprecedented move by prohibiting the wearing of niqab at work in various Egyptian institutions, which is a novelty at any educational or non-educational facility. (Al Akhbar, January 29, 2020)

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