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The olive oil harvest faces difficulties amidst a quasi absence of the government and the Ministry of Agriculture || Newspapers (Arabic)


As Safir newspaper published a report on the difficulties faced by olive tree farmers in Batroun in view of the neglect by the authorities and the absence of any form of compensation to offset the damages caused by natural disasters as well as the gradual loss of markets.  The report notes that olive farmers have been looking for years for ways to market their olive oil production which is piling up from year to year.  They have tried to cut prices without affecting quality but supply continues to exceed demand.  In addition, farmers are not able to keep up with the increase in production costs including the cost of inputs (pesticides, fertilizers and labor).  The article also adds that even the exceptional initiative of selling olive oil to the army which took place last year was of no real impact since the producers have yet to cash their entitlements.
The report emphasis the absence of coordination between farmers and agricultural cooperatives and the weakness of the latter coupled with the absence of a role by the government and the Ministry of Agriculture.  The report concludes by echoing the demands of the farmers addressed to the government and the Ministry of Agriculture asking them to pool forces and resources and save this important sector which provides livelihoods to a large number of families.
Source: Al-Safir 31 December 2012

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