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Only six women candidates voted to Parliament


The results of the May 6 Parliamentary elections for the year 2018, in terms of women representation, were disappointing, with victory not exceeding the threshold of 6.8%. To recall, the total number of women candidates for the elections was as high as 86 women out of a total of 598 candidates, equivalent to 14.3%, according to ministry of interior figures, and representing is a noticeable increase compared to 2009 when only 4 women won the elections out of only 12 women candidates. The total number of women candidates this year originally was as high as 111 candidates out of 976 total candidates before the close of registration. According to incomplete official results announced yesterday, the winning women candidates were: Paula Yacubian (7 Party) from ‘Kuluna Watani’ Alliance, Beirut 1st District, Rula Tabsh (Future Movement) for Beirut 2nd District, Bahiya Hariri (Future) South 1st District, Inaya Izzedine (Amal Movement) for South 2nd District, Dima Jamali (Future Movement) for North 2nd District and Sitrida Tawk Geagea (LF Party) for the North 3rd District. On the other hand, Jumana Hadad recruited on the ‘Kuluna Watani’ civil society electoral list for the minorities seat in Beirut 1st District, said there has been vote-rigging of the results after her victory was confirmed by the electoral machine of ‘Kuluna Watani’, adding that on the next day she was robbed of the seat that was given to the Free Patriotic Movement candidate. Haddad demanded re-tallying of the votes and threatened to appeal before the Constitutional Council. On female participation, MP elect Paula Yacubian, declared one day before the elections, that women have yet to overcome many roadblocks in order to reach political decision-making positions. And despite the relatively large number of women nominated for this year’s elections, only a few of them shall see victory, Yacubian maintained, pointing out that Lebanon is still a patriarchal country. Al Diyar wrote that many women voters interviewed by the BBC said they were not very optimistic about the upsurge in the number of women in the Legislative. (Al Diyar, An Nahar, Al Mustaqbal, May 5, 6, 2018)

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