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Order of physicians accused in case of child Sophie and a father arrested for selling his daughter


The head of the Court of Appeal in Beirut Judge Amin Oweidat issued a decision yesterday requiring the Lebanese Order of Physicians to pass the report of the ‘anesthesia and recovery committee’ to parents of child Sophie Mashlab who has suffered traumatic brain injury following tumor surgery at Saint Georges Hospital in June 2015. The Order, to recall, has been procrastinating for 8 months to deliver the report which has confirmed that the cause of the injury is cumulative negligence and medical errors. According to Sophie’s parents, the said report refers to a set of medical errors that are primarily the responsibility of the hospital, the surgeon and his assistant, the pediatrician and the anesthesiologist. These notes, however, are not mentioned in the final report of the committee of faculty professional investigations headed by Dr. Claude Semaan and signed by the Head of Physicians. On this, Al Akhbar newspaper wrote that the report obtained by the family shall be the subject of a lawsuit Sophie’s father is planning to file against Dr. Semaan and the head of physicians containing charges of fraud and perjury. The father in his litigation will ask for the resignation of those involved, while knowing that the investigative system tends to conceal facts and deliberately prolong court proceedings in order to enforce mandatory protection the accused doctors can benefit from. On another vein, namely regarding abuses against children, a woman reported to the Zahleh Police Unit on Tuesday that her husband had sold their 1-year-old daughter for LBP 1,800,000 (USD1,200). Upon investigations, the police successfully arrested the suspect, who acted as the mediator in the deal, in the neighborhood of Karak in Zahleh, Beqaa, as well as the couple who bought the baby girl and later, the father, a former convict, who admitted that he put his two daughters (aged 1 and 2 years) for sale. The baby was handed to her mother, and investigations by competent judiciary are ongoing. (Al Mustaqbal, Al Diyar, Al Akhbar, May 4, 2017)

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