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Outstanding LAU students in research on women


Six LAU students in total, including five female students, won the Mary Turner Lane competition organized earlier this month by the Arab Institute for Women -LAU to select the best research paper on gender issues. The topics addressed by the 58 participating students, were, the patriarchal system, feminism, gender equality, women’s rights, sexual harassment, Syrian women refugees, domestic violence, legal, political and economic discrimination against women, crimes of honor and early marriage. L’Orient Le Jour published the names of the winners and they are: Carla Richa, junior media student, on the emancipation of women from traditions and stereotypes; Tala Lakiss, education student, stories of witches and lessons learned; Fadia Habib, graduate student in gender studies, marriage of underage girls among Syrian refugees; Mona Saeed, graduate student in gender studies, marriage of underage girls in Yemen; Emma Harfush, psychology student, gender bias and masculinity, and Khaled Rajeh, English literature student, on feminism. The aim of the competition, according to the Institute’s director, Myriam Sfeir, is to encourage students to tackle issues on women and underscore the importance of research in the field. (L’Orient Le Jour, August 6, 2019)

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