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Paternity leave in Lebanon 3 days only, compared to 2 years in other countries


In its issue of today, Al Akhbar newspaper brought to light the draft bill related to the 3-day paternal leave approved recently by Cabinet and referred to Parliament for ratification, (c.f: While the leave in some countries could reach up to 2 years, including financial benefits, some parties in Lebanon believe three days is more than a generous recompense for fathers, Al Akhbar wrote. When the issue was first raised four years ago during a session of the house of representatives, Parliament Speaker commented: “You expect us to give birth as well?”, the newspaper said. The draft legislation came first from the government through the minister of state for women’s affairs, by attaching an article to the labor law, that read: “The employee is entitled, besides his annual leave, to get a fully paid paternity leave for three consecutive days in the instance of childbirth, within a period of at least two months from the date of the childbirth.” On the subject, AL Akhbar cited some MPs as addressing those requesting an extension to the three-day holiday, “this is not bad for now; besides, it was hardly likely to be achieved.” Even the mastermind behind the proposal, minister Jean Ogassapian himself, did not aim for more than 5 days and finally settled on 3 days only, the newspaper analyzed. In conclusion, Al Akhbar gave an example of parental leaves in some advanced states as follows: Sweden: up to 480 days, where the mother and father can share the period equally; Austria: up to 2 years if the mother and father share it equally, and finally Germany: fathers can get a paternity leave of up to 14 months. (Al Akhbar, January 25, 2018)

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