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Police break up prostitution ring in Amchit


Within the framework of combating human trafficking, the ISF General Directorate-Public Relations Division, announced in a statement yesterday the arrest of a prostitution ring in Amchit, North of the capital, Beirut. The statement said the arrest was based on information following 2 weeks of close surveillance and tracking of one of the largest prostitution networks in the country. A special force from the Judiciary Police Unit managed to detain on November 16, 2020, the mastermind of the ring named M.A (Syrian, born in 1977), the ISF statement went on to say. It was found that the procurer had 8 search and investigation warrants involving the crime of facilitating sex work and trafficking in persons. According to the statement, police raided two apartments located in the coastal towns of Tabarja and Bouar and arrested a group of girls of Syrian nationality. As a result of initial interrogation, one of the girls, M.A, helped in facilitating sex work, confiscating the IDs of the girls and forcing them into selling sexual services. The suspects were referred to the Anti-Trafficking and Morals Protection Bureau for further questioning by the competent judiciary. (Al Diyar, November 18, 2020)

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