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Political activist Carole Babekian candidate for peace and dialogue


In its continuous support of women nominees for the upcoming parliamentary elections, L’Orient Le Jour spotlighted on the career path of Carole Babekian, the ambassador of peace for the Universal Peace Federation candidate, running for Beirut 1st district. Babekian clarified that although she runs on the electoral list affiliated with political parties, she considers herself as an independent nominee who relates to civil society within that list. Bebekian, a political science graduate from AUB, describes herself as the woman of peace and dialogue, boasting her aptitude as a debater and facilitator of dialogue between different groups of Lebanese society, including rival political factions. Her candidacy was not coincidental, she explained, for she has been planning it for some time, she told L’Orient Le Jour. She is a political activist and a volunteer in both Ashrafieh and Borj Hammoud, besides her support for MP Nadim Gemayel, through what is known as Ashrafieh 2020 association which she heads. Babekian concluded by saying that in the event of winning, she will focus on national dialogue, fighting corruption and the provision of free education for all the children of Lebanon. (L'Orient Le Jour, April 12, 2018)

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