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Poor inhabitants of Qar3un subsist on contaminated fish!


Al Akhbar newspaper wrote today that a number of Lebanese and Syrians have lately been fishing from the contaminated Qar3un Lake in the West Beqaa town of Saghbin and selling their catch as frozen fish in local markets. This trade, Al Akhbar reported, has become their source of livelihood, notwithstanding the badly polluted water of the artificial lake. Accordingly, the inspection teams of the National Authority of the Litani River sent memos to the ministries of health, agriculture, energy, economy and the interior requesting the enforcement of deterring measures to prohibit fishing in the Lake. This is in compliance with protecting public health and the food and health security of the Lebanese, and to avoid the spread of epidemics and diseases. Recalling, that the ministry of health has, in October 2018, issued a directive banning fishing in the Qar3un Lake and in the main Litani stream in the wake of the dangerous levels of sewage, as well as agricultural and industrial waste water dumped into the lake and the associated water scarcity. And yesterday, the ministry of agriculture announced that it has consigned its center in Saghbin to crack down on and issue tickets against violators encroaching on river fishing rules, and conduct joint patrols from the Litani Authority teams and the competent security forces. (Al Akhbar, February 26, 2020)

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