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Pregnant women suffering in the wake of Beirut blast


UNFPA director, Asma Kordahi, disclosed yesterday that the Beirut port explosion has caused the displacement of about 300,000 persons, including 84,000 women inchildbearing age (15-49 years) in need of support in terms of reproductive health. Speaking to AFP, Kordahi revealed that, according to estimates, there are some 4600 pregnant women among the displaced, who require special prenatal and postnatal care. She stressed that the difficult economic conditions in the country have forced many women to rely on health centers, dispensaries and mobile clinics operated by international organizations in order to do the routine tests or for doctors’ consultations. Kordahi said UNFPA figures showed that within 7 weeks, around 600 to 700 women benefited from services provided by mobile clinics. She explained that the high demand on such clinics was not only for physical examination, but also for requesting feminine hygiene products, like sanitary napkins, especially tampons and period panties after the increase in the prices of some brands. (For more, kindly refer to the following link: (An-Nahar, October 1, 2020)

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