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Protecting Moroccan women workers in Spain


The National Coordinating Committee for Women Associations in Morocco demanded on Tuesday that the government intervene to guarantee the protection of Moroccan female workers in Spanish farms. The Committee, which includes the Federation of the Democratic League for Women’s Rights, the Union of Women’s Action and Jossour, voiced concerns about the fate of Moroccan female agricultural workers in some Spanish fields. It referred to reports aired on Spanish media about the exploitation and abuse of Moroccan seasonal women workers in the strawberry fields in some regions of Spain. Reports featured scores of these workers being detained and transported on buses deporting them to Morocco without lodging complaints on the poor working conditions and assaults against them. The aforementioned committee issued four demands: 1) the publishing of reports on exploitation following the denial of similar assaults in certain areas, as well as following up an investigation that already began in coordination with Spanish authorities, 2) intervention to prevent arbitrary dismissal of female workers and their protection against all forms of assaults or offences, 3) legal pursuance of the issue by providing legal support and protect rights of female workers, and finally, 4) reassessment of workers’ employment contracts to safeguard their dignity and decent work conditions. (Al Diyar, June 9, 2018)

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