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Qubayat winner of ‘Favorite Village’ competition for the year


The Qubayat residents celebrated on Sunday the election of their Akkari town as best village in the fourth edition of L’Orient Le Jour “Favorite Village” competition ( After the results were out, the town’s people rushed to the public square rejoicing to the beat of music, drums and fireworks. On the occasion, mayor Abdo Makhul, congratulated Qubayat villagers and all Akkaris on the victory, with a special tribute to the town’s children whom, as he said, played a prominent role in securing votes. They went door to door encouraging Akkari villagers to vote for Qobiyat, Abdo said. “We partook in the competition to keep the title. Before, it was Akkar al Ateeka and now Qubayat, and tomorrow another Akkari village shall be the winner which will rekindle our victory,” Abdo boasted. To recall, Qobiyat, which received 55.3% of the votes (followed by Barook 27.2% and Besharreh 4.6%), is famous for its scenic views and historic legacy, and has contributed to rural tourism for years. Prime minister Saad Hariri congratulated the winning village in a tweet, saying, “Congratulations to Qubayat and to all Akkar and its people the beauty of their nature and spirit.”. (L’Orient Le Jour, Al Mustaqbal, July 30, 2019)

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