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Rashaya Fukhar holds on to pottery craft


In its issue of today, Al Mustaqbal newspaper shed light on the art pottery making in Rashaya Fukhar, Hasbaya, pointing out that residents of the area are keen to revive one of the earliest crafts in their region. On the subject, the former mukhtar, Geryis Hafiz Khalil, explained that Rashaya was 30 years ago an industrial village compared to the neighboring villages and was in need of a large workforce. He lamented the decline of vintage crafts due to several factors, notably neglect, the absence of government initiatives for rural development and promotion of traditional trades, namely pottery and, foreign competition, mainly from China, to domestic ceramics, particularly from Rashaya which is distinguished for its thin and colored texture. One of the very few experienced craftspersons still hanging on to this traditional industry is Jihad Esbir. The latter criticized planners and organizers of heritage and artisan events in many Lebanese towns who use foreign pottery masters and claim them as Lebanese artisans. (Al Mustaqbal, November 28, 2018)

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