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Reading room inside Beirut women's prison


The caretaker minister of culture, Mohamad Daoud, inaugurated yesterday a fully equipped and repaired reading room inside the Women’s Central Prison, Barbar Khazen Barracks in Verdun, Beirut. The library, which basically included books in Arabic, French, English and Armenian, aims to raise awareness among inmates and prepare them for life after prison. Similar projects will be opened simultaneously in all Lebanese jails in collaboration with the ministry of interior and involved parties. On the occasion, Daoud said that the rehabilitation of prisons in the country is a responsibility that should be shared by all public departments, pointing out that the jail is the starting point toward new beginnings. It guides prisoners to seek a better tomorrow and to forge change in society, Daoud added, hoping the initiative will be streamlined over all Lebanese jails. (Al Diyar, January 10, 2020)

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