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Regie-BAT partnership to manufacture Kent & Viceroy


The Regie Libanaise des Tabacs et Tombacs signed yesterday a partnership agreement with the British American Tobacco (BAT) under which the company will manufacture its global brands, Kent and Viceroy at the Regie facilities supervised by international experts. During the signing event, the Regie general director, Nassif Siqlawi, noted that the state-run firm has achieved unprecedented progress in the manufacture industry, boasting to date around 12 production lines, 19 foreign brands and 9 local brands, with a productive capacity of 80,000 packets every month. Siqlawi said the significance of the above agreement lies in: Reducing the deficit of the external balance of payments, boosting the economic cycle at the level of operation of complementary industries, including factories for cardboard, aluminum, raw materials and others, securing substantial extra proceeds for the State Treasury, creating jobs for the Lebanese, exchange of expertise and integration of foreign and national capacities. But most importantly, is tightening the grip over smuggling activities and recompensing profits on the treasury as a result of illicit trade. (Al Diyar, April 25, 2019)

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