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Regie contributed USD 419 million to treasury in 2018 and Casino USD 90 million


The general director of the Regie Libanaise des Tabacs et Tombacs, Nassif Seqlawi, announced on January 18 that the state-run institution transferred USD 491 million (LBP 628 billion) of its 2018 proceeds to the state treasury. The Regie also extended some 45 development packages to the villages growing tobacco and tambac in the South, North and Beqaa areas, and around 110 scholarships, in addition to organizing awareness campaigns on child labor and women economic empowerment workshops, Seqlawi said. In a related vein, the chairperson of Casino du Liban, Roland Khoury, said on January 12, that the Casino has transferred nearly USD 90 million of its profits in 2018 to the treasury, compared to USD 60 million in 2017. Khoury spelled out promises by politicians to renew the franchise for the Casino, pointing to plans by the administration for the next 20 years. (Al Mustaqbal, Al Diyar, January 14, 19, 20, 2019)

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