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Regie profits rise 14.5% in 2019


The chairman of La Regie Libanaise Des Tabacs et Tombacs, Nassif Siklawi, disclosed yesterday that despite the unfavorable conditions in the country, state-run institution’s profits have increased by 14.5% in 2019 against those of 2018. Siklawi who was speaking during a ceremony to honor employees who reached retirement age, said the call of this year is perseverance and continuity. In his address to the honorees, he said, because of your efforts, the Regie has accomplished a lot, notwithstanding Lebanon’s economic insecurity. While lauding their functional role in combating smuggling, supporting national economy and improving the quality of products, Siklawi explained that not all public facilities are the same. “What weighs for the Regie is the human being, human rights and farmers,” he concluded. (Al Diyar, January 24, 2020)

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