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Rehabilitating the Litani river: 118 water treatment units to be installed, 69 factories to close


The minister of industry in the caretaker government, Wael Abu Faour, announced on November 15, the completion of the process of removing industrial pollution in the Litani River basin embracing around 201 industrial plants. This, he said, resulted in the installation of 118 water treatment units and the issuance of 69 closure orders as well as 32 notices to violating parties, in line with the plan launched by the ministry targeting zero pollution in the Litani River. Abu Faour confirmed the responsiveness on the part of industrialists, and commended the investments they have made to set up water treatment units in observance with licensing laws and regulations. The Minister made clear that issuing warnings covered industrial plants that do not dispose their waste in the river, while noting that the owners of these plants reuse or stockpile them in sanitary pits pending the completion of installation of the water treatment units. Abu Faour revealed in conclusion, that other factories will be taken care of in the last phase. This includes the issuance of 22 notices, 6 closure orders and 3 orders of reopening. (for the complete list of industrial plants, kindly visit the link below: )Al Akhbar, November 16, 2019)

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