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Religious pressures cancel Beirut Pride 2019


Following the announcement of the Beirut Pride 2019 evening initially planned for September 28th, and as a result of the former Mufti’s objection to the activities of the LGBTQI community in Lebanon, the Beirut Pride association confirmed in a statement last Tuesday the decision to cancel its activities as a result of harassment it has been subjected to by Christian and Moslem institutions. On the other hand, the founder of Beirut Pride, Hadi Demian, confirmed the pressure they were under to cancel the event for “morality” reasons. He further added that tensions between LGBTQI activists and the clergy have increased during the past few years but the struggle for rights will continue. Demian concluded by calling for a meeting which will be live streamed and which will answer all critiques and attacks that are being addressed to him personally. He further reiterated that he remains available to help any LGBT person who will contact him. For his part, the executive director of the Arab Foundation for Equality, Georges Azzi, noted that the pressure to cancel Beirut Pride was expected as this is consistent with the clamp down on liberties that the state is practicing. Azzi noted that this is resulting in moving several conferences to be held outside Lebanon, notably in Turkey. (L’orient le Jour, September 27th, 2019)

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