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Report on VAW during COV-19 in Lebanon, domestic violence in Egypt, awareness on sexual harassment in Jordan


Last Friday, UN Women and UNFPA released a report entitled, ‘Violence Against Women during Covid-19’, the outcomes of which were presented during the launch meeting, in addition to ways of supporting survivors of violence in Lebanon during the coronavirus pandemic and the necessary measures to be taken to this effect in 2021. On the same front, NCLW head, Claudine Aoun Ruzuk, outlined the priorities of the Commission’s upcoming activities in this regard, specifically pressuring lawmakers to enact the amendments on the domestic violence law that have not been adopted. These include notably: abolishing the offense of adultery; the comprehensive protection of the victim and her underage children; maximizing penalties on perpetrators; influencing the legislature to approve the text drafted jointly between NCLW, the justice ministry, ISF and Kafa Organization which addresses all topics involving violence against women, namely early marriage and sex-related crimes. In a related development, and in partnership with the Swedish Center, the Organization of Backing Liberty and Social Development in Egypt (OBLSD), live streamed on February 19 a meeting via Facebook about how domestic violence affects community or societal peace. Also, the Royal Film Commission, Jordan, held on February 24 a dialogue session via Zoom on sexual harassment aimed to educate workers in the audiovisual industry about the topic, and discussed the definition, forms and ways to end harassment. (Al Akhbar, Al Diyar, March 6, February 18, 25, 2021)

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