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Restrictions on foreign labor inside Beirut airport


The minister of labor issued a statement on Tuesday informing the services companies operating at Beirut International Airport to hire Lebanese only. The statement explained that the ministry plans to not renew work permits for foreign laborers after receiving many requests from Lebanese wishing to be employed by similar companies. The latter pledged to start relying on domestic labor immediately and up to the largest number they can accommodate. The ministry’s statement comes in the framework of its tackling the current economic and living crisis within a plan to create more jobs for the Lebanese. It also comes after a swift tour by the ministry’s inspectors to some services firms in the airport to examine the work conditions and ensure that foreigners have legal papers. Former labor minister, Kamil Abul Sleiman, reminded involved institutions and companies to comply with the ministry’s instructions, advising them to boost social solidarity by giving priority in jobs to the Lebanese. (Al Diyar, January 23, 2020)

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