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The right of Lebanese women to grant nationality to their families


In its issue of today, Al Diyar newspaper tackled the right of the Lebanese woman to pass nationality to her family. Al Diyar cited a “Christian source” which voiced fears over the large number of marriages between Lebanese women to Syrians or Palestinians men notably, which it described as permanent settlement in disguise, that could force a demographic change in the country. On the subject, former MP Mohamad Qabbani, stressed that endorsing the decision to give Lebanese mothers married to non-Lebanese the right to confer nationality to their family members, is coming up. It is no longer appropriate for Lebanon to continue with this discriminatory attitude between men and women, Qabbani said, adding, it is not only an action of democracy but is also stipulated by the Lebanese Constitution and all the international conventions signed and approved by Lebanon. Qabbani said it is outrageous and shameful to exclude Lebanese women married to Palestinians or Syrians based on allegations that this could lead to a grave demographic change in the country. In response to what some circles refer to as large numbers of above marriages, Qabbani said it is inaccurate and a fallacy. The number of marriages to Palestinians, does not exceed 2000 to 3000 Lebanese women, he clarified, noting that the Future Movement will push for the adoption of the draft bill in question. (Al Diyar, June 14, 2018)

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