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The rights of rural women addressed in a training workshop by Feker Hayat Foundation in Tripoli


The Feker Hayat Foundation in Minyeh (Tripoli) organized a workshop for women focusing on the importance for rural women to advocate for their political rights and to seek representation at the Parliamentary and Municipal levels.  The workshop was organized within the framework of the organisation’s current programme funded by MEPI and which includes a series of such events as detailed in the opening address given by Ms. Rima Mobayed the head of the organisations’ women committee.  For more information about the organisation’s earlier activities, please check "The National Commission for Lebanese Women calls for women quota in the forthcoming legislative elections", 7/12/2012 and "“Al Fikr wal Hayat” and women’s empowerment in Minyeh with MEPI funding", 5/9/2012.

Source: Al-Mustaqbal 27 December 2012

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