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Road map for agricultural marketing, developing agro-food industries in Tripoli


Agriculture minister, Abbas Mortada, revealed to An Nahar yesterday an agricultural marketing plan in the works as part of a food security emergency strategy by his ministry. The minister disclosed that a meeting will be held this week with 23 commercial attachés in Lebanese embassies around the world in order to set a roadmap that facilitates the marketing of made-in-Lebanon products in line with international import standards and specifications. Mortada mentioned the subsidized food import basket which was supposed to include olive oil, onion and eggs, reassuring that such commodities will not be allowed into the country in order to protect domestic production in accordance with the agricultural calendar. Meanwhile, the ministry of agriculture announced that it started to receive requests concerning the import of agricultural goods subsidized by Banque du Liban. Noting, the circular No. 345/1 dated 8/7/2020 released by Mortada explains the procedure of submitting the required documents to this effect. In a related matter, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture for Tripoli and the North, is currently setting the deliverables for the project of industrial and agricultural platforms from Greater Tripoli, in cooperation with the municipalities of the Northern Cazas. The Chamber is also looking into the possibility of investing in the commons within its zone to produce various agro-industrial products. In this respect, the head of the Chamber, Tawfic Daboussi, discussed with a number of mayors and members of the municipal councils in Koura ways of coordination to face the bleak situation through the optimal use of resources at hand and in order to secure a minimal industrial and agro-food sufficiency. (An Nahar, Al Diyar, July 11, 12, 13, 2020)

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