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Role of Saida women in the popular uprising


In its issue of today, An Nahar spotlighted the presence of Saida women in the popular uprising which erupted on October 17, praising their active role in the demonstrations. The newspaper spoke to Hanaa Amin, a mother of three, jurist and Arab language teacher at the Mirjan Public High School, Saida. Amin, An Nahar wrote, was keen to head every day to the famous Iliya revolt square in the city, accompanied by regular group of women and students. She introduced them to the main goals of the protests, notably the accountability of the corrupt politicians and public servants, recovery of the plundered money, the formation of a new government outside the regime and early parliamentary elections. Amin stressed her continuous participation in all marches and demos targeting the public departments and banking institutions, maintaining a non-discriminatory attitude between men and women in the revolts. All groups of people are partaking, she said, pointing to the remarkable presence of the youth, namely high school and university students. (An Nahar, December 10, 2019)

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