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Sabine Owaiss elected President of the Economic Journalists Association


The General Assembly of the Economic Journalists Association met on March 5 to elect its administrative body. The results appeared as follows: Sabine Oweiss unanimously elected as president, Bahij Abu Ghanem as vice president, Joseph Farah also vice president, Omar Natour as secretary, Rima Khaddaj as deputy secretary, Pierre Saad as treasurer, Adnan Hamdan accountant, Haidar Abdallah Husseini as commissior of the association with the government, Kawthar Hanbouri as information secretary, Nadine Chalhoub as PR secretary, and Simon Chehadeh and Khaled Abu Shakra as members. Noting, that Oweiss, a mother of 2, is a graduate of the Faculty of Information and Documentation at the Lebanese University. She works as a journalist in An Nahar and has previously worked at Future TV and her name was associated with economics in Lebanon and the Arab world because she made the understanding of economics and figures easier to the public. (Al Diyar, March 7, 2020 )

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