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Sabounjian inaugurates a permanent exhibition of handicrafts in Badaro/Beirut || Newspapers (Arabic)


The Minister of Industry, Mr, Freij Sabiunjian, inaugurated yesterday the permanent exhibition for Lebanese handicrafts at the Ministry’s premises in Badaro.  The event was attended by the ministry’s General Director Dany Gadeon, UNIDO representative Ali Momen, and the president of the syndicates of crafts workers Mohammad al-Moallem and his assistant Badr Hassoun with the participation of several artists and producers.  The Ministry had previously equipped the exhibition centre which was rented from the Central Bank of Lebanon so that artists can exhibit their work.  The repair and rehabilitation work were partially funded by UNIDO and the Central Bank.
The permanent exhibition centre will be open for visitors and tourists and available for all artists and crafts workers to exhibit their work.  Exhibitors will also organize open air markets to sell their work every week-end.
Source: Al-Diyar 16 April 2013

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