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Sale of a Tunisian girl on website sparks anger


An advertisement published by a Tunisian citizen announcing the sale of a girl child (3 years) on a famous online shopping portal has sparked extreme rage and resentment on social media and mainstream media. In the details, a Tunisian person posted an ad for selling a girl for 3500 Dinar (1100 euros) under the item ‘girls for sale’. He attached photos and a caption which read: “A child girl for sale. Anyone interested in buying, please call me on the following number. My daughter is good mannered. She is three.” Commenting, the head of Tunisia Youth Organization, Ayman Katri, posted the following on Facebook, “How can a licensed ecommerce business be allowed to publish a ‘child girl for sale’ ad under the sale item ‘girls for sale’. Katri warned: “We should not sit back and do nothing until a day comes when we see hypes promoting terrorism, sales of weapons or sex trade after this appalling one.” The Youth Organization, he maintained, will struggle by all available means to restrain electronic crimes, saying it will report to relevant authorities what has been published. (Al Diyar, February 7, 2020)

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