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Salpie laments a society intolerant to people with special needs


On the occasion of Women’s Day, L’Orient Le Jour daily has been devoting a special section every Tuesday of the month of March to publish the stories of Lebanese women who struggle singlehandedly to provide for themselves. The story of Salpie Degeremijain, a 37-year old woman with special needs, had its turn on March 29. Salpie recalled her sad experience since she was diagnosed with her disease when she was still 21. Salpie has a degree in English Literature from the state-run Lebanese University and has an experience in journalism and in teaching at two schools in the Beirut suburb of Bourj Hammoud. Besides, she is skilled in the preparation of financial and technical reports for the Lebanese Physically Handicapped Union (LPHU). But, despite this, Salpie voiced her disappointment in the system which prevents her from getting any job because of her special condition. She bitterly admitted to L’Orient Le Jour reporter the difference in treatment of the disabled persons between her country and the UK which she visited with a delegation of the LPHU. There, she boasted, “we moved freely and received special attention from the people.” Salpie counted the numerous financial difficulties she constantly puts up with, especially that the card given to the disabled persons only exempts her from the municipal taxes and hospitalization expenses, but she still has to bear the heavy financial burden of consultation visits to doctors and the price of medications, noting that she is largely dependent on the financial assistance of Arc En Ciel association. )L’Orient Le Jour, March 29, 2016)


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