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Saudi authorities track released women activists with electronic bracelets


Al Akhbar newspaper reported today that Saudi authorities, after being forced to release a number of female activist prisoners, are now tracking them with electronic bracelets, preventing them from speaking up about the torture they endured in Al Haer Prison or the arbitrary arrests by the General Investigation Department. Those who remained in jail, are reportedly still suffering brutal punishment, like Nassima Sada. On the latter’s situation, the head of the European-Saudi Organization for Human Rights, Ali Dbeisi, told Al Akhbar that the Saudi authorities have trespassed even the local regulations and rules in tormenting the woman prisoner who spent nearly 80% of her detention in solitary confinement. This, Dbeisi maintained, echoes the degree of cruelty practiced by the State Security apparatus, noting that effective laws do not endorse the delay in trials for more than 6 months, except if required by a judicial ruling. Sada, he said, has exceeded the allowed period. The Saudi treatment of activists has become a disgrace for the Kingdom, Dbeisi concluded, reminding that without international pressure, Riyadh would not have moved the trial of the activists from the criminal court for terrorism cases to the criminal court. (Al Akhbar, June 10, 2019)

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