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Saudi teen renounces her religion, flees to Thailand


Al Diyar highlighted today the plight of Saudi teen (18 years), Rahaf Mohamad Kanoun, who fled last Sunday her abusive family which resides in Kuwait seeking asylum in Thailand. Rahaf has earlier renounced Islam asking the UN to protect her from her family whom she said will kill her following her renunciation of her religion, hoping to reach Australia that would offer her asylum. After her brief stay at Bangkok Airport, Rahaf was granted temporary residence by the Thai authorities, until the UN could find a country that will allow her entry within five days. The Australia Director at Human Rights Watch, Elaine Pearson, said that as Australia has earlier voiced concern over the rights of women in Saudi Arabia, the government has to prove this now and protect the Saudi girl. Similarly, Saudi female activists started a broadcast on social media campaigning for the annulment of the male guardianship system in the Kingdom, which many view as oppressive especially in light of the wave of openness and reforms. (Al Diyar, January 9, 2019)

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