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Saudi woman calls on women to go out without abaya


In a post on Instagram, Saudi feminist activist and university student, Manahel Oteibi, said she is her own guardian. She posted a picture of her in a busy street in the capital without a body shrouding abaya or headscarf. “From behind the scenes, hold your horses, I will emerge in a photoshoot for international channels from downtown Riyadh, specifically from Al Tahliya Street,” Oteibi tweeted. A few weeks ago, she posted a video in which she appeared strolling through a street with sportswear. She was not harassed and the reactions of passersby and patrols were respectful, she boasted. She regularly posts pictures of her inside the gym, as she stated, and encourages her female peers to go out with a abaya. (Al Diyar, September 7, 2019)

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