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Security forces attack "Chaml" activists during a sit-in calling for a civil family law || Newspapers (Arabic)


A week after aggressing activists of the civil campaign for electoral reform, the security forces responsible for the Parliament attacked this time activists from the Chaml organization who staged a small sit-in in front of the Parliament calling for a civil family code.  The security forces justified their action by indicating that the sit-in was not pre-authorized as per Lebanese laws regulating such public actions.  The civil action aimed at pressing for the adoption of a proposed law on civil family code that Chaml had submitted to parliament on March 18th 2012.  The law proposal was referred to the specialized parliamentary commission but has not been processed to date. To be noted that as apart of the action, Chaml activists organized a role play depicting a wedding and raised banners calling parliamentarians to "free the proposed law from confessional considerations" just before the attacks by the armed forces.

Original text in Arabic: Assafir - Al-Akhbar - Annahar

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