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Sexual harassment of OTV correspondents during popular protests


In its issue of yesterday, Al Akhbar daily drew attention to the physical and verbal harassment by protestors against OTV correspondents covering the popular protests in the different Lebanese regions. The newspaper noted that despite the deliberate masking or removal of the logo of the television to alleviate expected backlash against them, yet, the faces of correspondents were familiar to demonstrators who continued to attack them. Al Akhbar pointed out that the videos were countless showing the persecution against the ‘orange’ tv team, including personal insults and provocative libeling. The newspaper went on to say, that in the past period, many justifications were aired, specifically by women, defending such abuses claiming that OTV correspondents were unwelcome and confrontational, which instigated further harassment. Such excuses, Al Akhbar said, had a pure political disposition hostile to the ‘resistance front’ OTB is aligned with, wondering whether this exempts them from the responsibility of justifying violence against correspondents?. (Al Akhbar, November 11, 2019)

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